Who is FASP

FASP: the preferential partner for the electric motors manufacturers

FASP is an Italian industrial company that develops technological systems for the electric motors manufacture: from the production of stand-alone machines, to complex systems up to the realization of completely automated turnkey lines.

Thanks to the experience gained in almost forty years of continuous activity, FASP is the preferential partner for the main producers of electric motors operating in various sectors: from the industrial to the elevators, from the home automation to submersible pumps and electric pumps, from the automotive to the electric vehicles up to power energy generators.

FASP know how guarantees the realization of systems, whether they are standard or custom-designed, characterized by advanced technologies and high performances aimed at optimizing the production for the customers, providing them with the most flexible and cutting-edge solutions to operate in the scenario of  the Industry 4.0.

A brand name to guarantee the quality

The FASP® brand, as an acronym of Folco (which later became Fabbrica/Factory) Automazioni Sistemi Programmabili (Automations Systems Programmable) still refers in its alphabetic components to its first family origin, to its already primordial vocation for the development of automatic systems, to its avant-garde vision. It is not coincidence that FASP since the past century has thought about the insertion of robotization in the future production lines.

From September 2017 the registration procedure of the company brand name has been initialized; finally, it has been effective since the month of March 2018.Today FASP® is an officially protected brand because it is a harbinger of distinctive values ​​that only this historic company located Montecchio Maggiore can bring: synonymous of authentic capacity for innovation and of true customer care, it represents the policy of this company, that has always applied by putting the customer’s demands in the forefront and, by calibrating on them, has literally built customized technological products.


Team and network

The continuous company expansion has always been supported by the enhancement of the human resources.

Nowadays FASP counts around 45 internal employees; engineers and technicians represent a large part of them: this allows FASP to meet the market requirement of constant innovation.

In addition to the internal resources, FASP has been building a local and worldwide network of selected business partners and professional: today FASP works with a net of more than 150 experts whose specialization allows FASP to deliver 100% Made in Italy and technologically advanced products and to focus on solving with competence the customer problems.

The FASP lean corporate organization complies with the Italian model of small and medium manufacturing industries: a constellation of highly specialized enterprises orienting their mission to the customer satisfaction and thus ensuring high efficiency, maximum effectiveness and remarkable flexibility.